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Stop losing sales on your out-of-stock items!

Low Stock Alert for Shopify helps avoid having your products go out of stock, by catching the items that dip below a certain stock level and putting them on a low stock list.

Low Stock Alert powers thousands of Shopify stores, saving dozens of thousands of hours for its users every week.

Our clients love us

We use this app extensively. We offer a large gift selection and we make each gift from existing inventory. This app allows us to keep accurate inventory for our > 800 item store with 150+ gifts.
It was easy to set up and quite simple to maintain.

I just recently started using this app on my website at and it is very simple to use and very helpful for a small business wasting time on inventory management!

We love this app. Every evening our inventory and production people receive an email telling us what has fallen below our acceptable thresholds. This has made our inventory control so much more efficient!

The App is very useful. It allows me to keep ahead of my inventory status and re-order stock before an item complete phase out. I would recommend it to others. Besides, it FREE so I have nothing to lose.

Very useful tool which keeps you in the loop of what’s running low. An essential app!
Great app! Simple, easy to set up and so useful, really helps saving time!












Amount of products<300<500<1000<2000
Alert threshold for low stock items
CSV export of low stock items
Update inventory via CSV import
Alerts only for published products
Alerts only for products tracked by Shopify
Promo disabled
Custom email address per alert
Multiple alerts for different sets of products
Fine-tune collection settings
Instant alerts
Priority support

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