Startup program

Here at aheadWorks we realize that every little counts during a startup phase of your business. This is why for everyone trying to get their Shopify store up and running we offer an extended free trial period along with an ecommerce consulting service performed by our dev and support teams. Our main intention (apart from hooking you on our apps of course) is to build the relationship, help you out with our products, and possibly learn something from the way you use them.

How does it work?

You are:

  • A new store;
  • Not simply migrating from another platform.

You get:

  • Free trial period of up to 9 months (further extension is possible);
  • Consulting on best application practices.

In return you:

  • Provide some feedback on app functionality;
  • Let us feature your case in a success story post;
  • Fill out a product survey.



Support & Consulting


+1 312-879-9696