Automatic Related Products for Shopify

Automatic Related Products for Shopify

Single Shopify app to get full control of the rules identifying related products. Decide whether you want to display up-sells, cross-sells, down-sells, or simply provide your customers with more surfing options.
  • flexible rules for selecting related products;
  • display options to customize the look of related products block;
  • shopping cart promos for last minute product offers;
  • “recently viewed” feed to simplify store navigation.
Meaningful, attractive product suggestions result in higher order value.


Suggesting related products to the clients of your Shopify store might serve different purposes. Displaying up-sells relies on attractiveness, cross-sells on function, down-sells on price, same type products on variety, and so on. All of those have their merit and ARP allows to define the purpose of related products and gives you the freedom to configure the app accordingly.

Product selection options:

  • Flexible selection rules

    ‘Related product’ is a broad term, so we let you decide what it means. Does it have to suggest alternative or complementary products? Does it have to be more expensive or less expensive? Whatever the answer is you will have enough options to match these and many other criteria.

    e.g. Rules for defining related products may be set by collection, vendor, price, tag, title, SKU, type, weight, style, color, etc.
  • Different products - different rules

    Same rules are available for specifying on which pages related products will be displayed. Some product pages might be good for up-selling, some for cross-selling, and yet others simply require more navigational options. This is why our app allows you to be as specific as you want and create separate rules for different products.

  • Excluding option

    There is no need to restructure the whole rule when there are a few products that are technically related, but you know are no good - drop them manually and add them back any time, one click each.

  • Rule priority

    Some products might fall under more than one rule and such instances will be resolved based on the priority settings. Rate the rules according to their importance and the app will know which one to use in the case of conflict.

Display options:

  • Custom block title

    Name the block in a way that reflects what kind of products it displays, make the name attractive and match it to the tone of your brand.

    e.g. Similar products, frequently bought together, you might be also interested in, new products, featured products, related items, more in this collection, we also recommend, etc.
  • Tailored look

    Define the number of products to be displayed in the block and either choose one of our built-in layouts or create the one that will match your exact needs.

  • Sorting products

    Too many related products? Use a sorting option to choose which ones are to be displayed on the page.

    e.g. Bestsellers, newest, low price, high price, discounted, randomise.

Placement options:

  • Product page

    Insert the block anywhere on the product page to either push customers towards bigger order or simply provide them with additional surfing options.

  • Shopping cart

    Use related product block within the shopping cart page to make some last minute suggestions to your shoppers. Set the block to display either a number of products related to the items in the cart or a fixed lineup of universally applicable featured items. 

Integration options

You may increase the exposure of related product suggestions by displaying them within Follow Up Email messages. Install the app and use special email variable, created by Automatic Related Products, to paste corresponding related products into each follow-up message.

Bonus features:

  • Recently viewed feed

    Display a history of recently viewed items to make life a little easier for your customers. Whenever they close a tab by accident or get too excited jumping from page to page a ‘recently viewed’ block will be there to take them back.


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1 000 - 2 000 $19.99
2 000 - 5 000 $29.99
5 000 - 10 000 $49.99
10 000 - 20 000 $69.99
20 000 and above $89.99
Try it out $0.00 - $89.99 / month Free trial: 14 days
Moneyback: 30 days


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