Follow Up Email

Follow Up Email for Shopify

 Follow Up Email

Set up an email follow-up to be sent out automatically whenever the customers of your Shopify store perform any of the predefined actions and deliver a corresponding message.

  • 8 predefined actions to trigger a response;
  • flexible rules for segmenting your audience;
  • individual response time for each action;
  • result tracking (CTR + open rate).

Timely, targeted messages result in high cart recovery rates and better customer retention.


Follow up email is an ultimate automated email marketing tool, helping send the right content at the right time. Plan and build your email marketing campaigns based on a variety of events triggered by your store visitors, using out-of-the-box templates or ones of your own design.

We consider every email as an additional point of contact with customers and a prospect sale. Start turning your communications into revenue!

Email types

As of now the app supports following email types:

  • Abandoned checkout

    Abandoned carts reminder email. Recover lost customers. We recommend sending the first email in 20 minutes, the second one within 2 days and the third one in 2 weeks.

  • Customer accepts marketing

    Send promotional notifications to customers who agreed to accept marketing emails. 

    e.g. Welcoming emails featuring your store benefits, future promotions and social media options. It is a good start to have your customer like Facebook page or subscribe to Instagram or Twitter.
  • First order

    Thank your newly born customers for choosing your store, provide more details regarding purchased products, warranty and return policies. Offer additional merchandise and services based on the first order.

  • Order is paid

    Do not limit yourself with "Order Complete" notifications. Segment your customers by order volume or purchased products to create highly targeted e-mails with relevant offers. Every email has the potential to convert into an order.

  • Order is cancelled

    Recover the potential of cancelled orders and stop losing customers. Send a description of common checkout and payment problems along with troubleshooting instructions. Tell them to contact you for resolving the problem in the shortest time possible.

  • Order is fulfilled

    Increase the loyalty of your customers and show how much you care about their shopping experience - ask for shipping and customer service feedback, suggestions and recommendation they may have, overall satisfaction with the merchandise ordered and more. Describe the details of RMA process if needed. Keep in mind that this is another good point of contact with your customers.

  • Purchase review

    80% of consumers trust online reviews. Choose an appropriate time interval, sufficient to evaluate purchased products, and ask your customers for a review.

  • Last customer activity

    Sometimes people don't buy just because they forget to. Send a friendly reminder to your customers, you surely have something to offer.

Email Scheduling

When an event is triggered, the app may either send an email immediately or after a pre-set interval, specified up to a minute. Moreover, you are free to create email chains and send multiple emails in accordance with a predetermined schedule. 

e.g. 20 minutes after an order is placed, a week later and then another one in a month.

Advanced automation settings

POS orders support. Now you can follow up brick and mortar clients offering them discount for online/offline purchase. Promote cross-sales sending highly personalized offers based on offline purchase history.

You may also fine-tune your email marketing campaigns by bringing more variables into the mix and basing the content of emails on Cart Total and Cart Items Quantity.

e.g. Offer special shipping or service conditions for orders over $1,000.

On top of that, you may send exclusive offers for specific product (condition matches the SKUor title) or products selection based on collection, vendor, type or tag.

e.g. Send a discount coupon code for iPhone 6 covers to customers who purchased iPhone 6. This would be done automatically, aimed at the right target audience and result in outstandingly high conversion rates.

Opens and Clicks statistics

Follow up email keeps track of every time a recipient opens your messages and clicks on links.

Email templates

Since Follow Up Email supports all native Shopify variables, there's no need to recreate existing templates. Simply transfer them to the app.

Header and signature blocks for all emails can be set up at once and in one place. That way you don't have to alter them in every template one by one.

Mail log

You may view the list of sent emails at any time and be certain that every email is processed and sent correctly. Mail log is an extremely useful tool that allows filtering emails by type, customer, subject, status and dates, making it easy to get the general overview of active email campaigns and adjust them accordingly.

Integration options

When Automatic Related Products app is installed, an additional variable becomes available within Follow Up Email templates. An algorithm behind the variable looks through the items in the last order made by the customer and pastes related product suggestions into an email.

Success Stories


We also use Follow Up Email by aheadWorks to automatically send our clients an email after making a purchase to ask for a review on our Facebook and Google+ pages.

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