Help Desk for Shopify

Help Desk for Shopify

Manage all customer communication from a single admin tab in Shopify, by combining incoming emails with contact form messages.

  • All messages arranged in a chat layout;
  • Room to keep notes and customer details;
  • Both plain text and attachments allowed;
  • Topics to organize messages by inquiry type.

Managing customer communication from a single location allows for a timely, more relevant support decisions, and saves precious admin time.



Help Desk is a customer-oriented support system designed specifically to operate out of Shopify backend, as an integral part of the platform.

Messages from both contact form and direct emails are assembled in a single backend "inbox". Nothing is changed in the customer routine though - it is only the admin who gets a simplified workflow.

Further, all messages associated with a single customer are neatly arranged in a conversation layout. Individual notes, previous orders, and related follow up messages are also available for each customer.

Integral Solution

✓ One contact point for all direct emails and contact form messages

Having all of the customer communication assembled in a single location allows admins to stay on top of any arising issues and provide timely and, above all, relevant assistance to the customers.

Compliance with CRM standards

✓ Individual message threads for each customer

All messages created by an individual customer are arranged in a single thread. This way there is no need to look up previous messages in order to build a complete picture of the correspondence history.

✓ Additional customer information

Message history, notes, orders, purchased products and related follow up emails are available for quick reference and making appropriate support decisions on the spot.

✓ Logical information view

All customer related events are arranged in chronological order.

Additional features

✓ Contact topics

Create any number of inquiry topics, which will be available to customers when submitting a new message. This way you can optimize your workflow by group processing messages with similar topics or reassigning certain topics to different people.

✓ Admin notes

Keep individual customer notes visible to admin only. Use them to log calls, write down the solutions reached or promises made, monitor status changes, etc.

✓ All message types

This app allows receiving both plain text messages and messages with attached files.

✓ Automated message statuses

Each message changes its status automatically (unread, read, replied, deleted, etc.), allowing you to streamline your workflow.

✓ Additional Message Control

You can additionally control, individually or jointly, the quality of responses via supplementary ВСС email addresses specified in the settings.

✓ reCAPTCHA support

Our contact form contains the reCAPTCHA functionality to protect you from SPAM.

Smooth Design

Help Desk works smoothly in the Shopify admin area as an embedded app and meets all necessary platform design standards.

Follow Up Email integration

Help Desk is integrated with the Follow Up Email application, allowing you to track the follow up emails sent to each individual customer.

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