Low Stock Alert

Low Stock Alert

What happens when the item is out of stock? Naturally, you lose a couple orders before you catch up. But, more importantly, you lose credibility as a merchant. The customer goes elsewhere to find the item and, next time, he’ll skip your store altogether.

  • Don’t lose sales on out-of-stock items
  • Cut on inventory management time
  • Streamline the restock process

Low Stock Alert allows to avoid this situation by catching all items that dip below a certain stock level and putting them on a low stock list. Additionally, you have an option for a daily email notification about low stock items.


  • Up to 5 separate low stock lists

    Setup up to 5 smart collections with its own number to act as a stock threshold. Items at this mark or below will be reported as low stock.

  • Low stock grid

    Check current low stock items via in-app grid

  • CSV export

    Download all low-stock items as a single CSV file

  • CSV import

    Upload edited CSV file back to the app. It will parse the file and update inventory automatically.

  • Email notification

    Set up a daily delivery of low stock item list to your email. Email body includes a max of 100 items, but there is an option for an attachment with full list CSV file.

  • PRO: Up to 15 low stock collections

    Differentiate low stock collections according to numerous business needs and track e.g. best selling, fast moving, slow coming, etc. items separately.

  • PRO: Instant Alerts

    Receive alerts immediately after a product reaches the specified low stock level. Determine conditions for the products to be reported and send alerts to required email boxes.

  • PRO: Advanced email scheduling

    Set up most suitable days for notification emails, including business days only or definite weekdays e.g. Mondays, Fridays, etc.

  • PRO: Advanced email addressing

    Specify one or several email destinations for each low stock collection individually.

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